Our House

Welcome to the Exeter Dolls House and Miniatures Club.

The Club has been running nearly twenty six years and meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 7.30pm on the outskirts of Exeter city centre. Please email us for more details and directions.

We are a small and very friendly club with big ideas and have several talented members who help run club meetings with projects to make at most evenings. Some of our recent projects have included a Market Stall, Rustic Chair, Sewing Box, Art Deco Alarm Clock, Victorian Games, Victorian Chair, Screens, Suitcases and Picnic Baskets and a realistic Fishing Rod.

We have had a couple of Saturday Workshops, these have included Straw and Silk Hats and Corsets with the Little Hatter, A Corner Cabinet with Mini Kids, Dressing a Sue Harrington Doll, Cold Porcelain Flowers with Diane Harfield, Furniture Kits with Lightwinds and a very informative workshop in using Air Drying Clays.

Future workshops to be announced.